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Learn to Change the World

Learn. Question. Do.

The World is changing. The Vacaville community is changing. Let us to learn together, question through different lenses, and act with wisdom.

We are one family with many branches,

but held together with the same roots.

Learning series that will nurture constructive dialogue about our children, farms, planet, animals, spirit, and self

Town hall-style forums to distribute real and timely information

​Help to create

actionable steps

to apply this information

on a local level

As Covid has forced our kids to rely on technology more than ever, "#KidsOnTech" looks at the impact on children's developing bodies and brains, and asks: "How might we better prepare our kids for this digital world?" Voices from India to the U.S., France to China, Mexico to Japan explore what children need to truly to navigate this new world. 

Today's children are growing into a world increasingly steered by artificial intelligence. The question of how they can learn to use this epochal technological revolution creatively, discerningly and in the interest of people and nature, instead of being enslaved by it, is one of the most important questions of our time.

The new 57-minute documentary "#KidsOnTech" grapples with this very question. It addresses parents in particular, but also educators, teachers and policy-makers. The film does not pretend to offer a "silver bullet"; instead, it helps parents to better understand and accept their options - without shame or blame. It shows how big our influence is on our children's experiences with digital media, and how we can address this global generational problem ourselves on a grassroots level.

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