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Do Good

Do: ​help to create actionable steps to apply this information on a local level


Regeneration International engages in activities, either directly or by providing support to partners and stakeholders, that have the potential to advance our mission. Most of our work falls under one of three major program areas: education, network-building and policy work. Here’s what we do:

  • Education: We educate consumers, farmers, policymakers, media and the general public on the benefits of regenerative agriculture and land management.

  • Network-Building: We invite groups to join our Partner Network and we assist groups or individuals at the local, regional or national level who are committed to building Regeneration Alliances.

  • Policy Work: We identify, promote and galvanize support for local, regional, national and international policy initiatives that have the potential to advance the transition to regenerative food, farming and land management.


Released in September of 2020 on Netflix, Kiss the Ground the movie narrated by Woody Harrelson is a full-length documentary shedding light on a “new, old approach” to farming called regenerative agriculture, a practice with the extraordinary ability to balance our climate and feed the world.

Take a course, see soil resources, and become a soil advocate!


  • The above statement encapsulates our farming philosophy. With the goal of developing carbon sequestering humus and nutrient dense food, the value of leaning towards a perennial pastural based food system is paramount. Every time humans plow the earth to plant annuals (crops that just grow for one season) the soil loses carbon to the atmosphere and the capacity to hold vital minerals necessary for plant nutrition. Thus we at Be Love, expose our Mother, the soil, to the elements with great care and over short periods of time.


October 20, 2021


Dear Assembly Member Jim Frazier,                       


My name is ___________________________________, and I’m a voter in your district.

My child, ___________________________________, is a student in Vacaville.

I’m writing today as a concerned parent and am sharing my voice. I ask that you vote:

  • Against the vaccine mandate issued by the governor for school-age and high school youth. As a concerned parent advocating for my child, I ask that you honor my right to make medical decisions for my child and protect their access to public education.


  • In favor of the vaccine mandate as issued by the governor although I recognize this may widely alter the way, education is delivered to children.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. You may contact me using the information provided below for further discussion.






Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________________________________________________

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